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Recreation Precinct Redevelopment

During 2020, work will begin on the construction of UQ’s new $64.49M Health & Recreation Centre which will open in 2022.

This will have a huge impact on Tennis at UQ.

To make way for the new Health & Recreation Centre, UQ will demolish the Tennis Centre’s Centre Court, the other four tournament-size courts and the Tennis Pavilion (clubhouse, changing rooms & toilets).

Replacement toilets and a small clubhouse will be built between Court 11 and the electricity substation. 

There will be no replacement Tennis courts.

The loss of five courts will affect all Tennis Club programs, particularly Fixtures.  To accommodate existing numbers, there may have to be format and timeslot changes for Fixtures.   Depending on when the demolition of the courts begins, these format and timeslot changes could occur mid season.

Planning for the new circumstances is difficult because of the uncertainty about the timeframe for the redevelopment.  However, it seems likely that the demolition of any existing facilities will not commence until the new toilets and clubhouse have been built.

For more information about the new Health & Recreation Centre, go to: