The 2024 Ekka Singles Challenge Tournament is a daytime tournament that will be played on the...
The UQ Tennis Club is trialling a new Ladies’ Tennis Program.

Management Committee 2023-2024

The Club's Management Committee is elected at the Elections General Meeting (usually held in October/November) and serves for one year.

The current Committee will serve from 12 November 2023 until the conclusion of the EGM to be held in November 2024.

President (1) Ashley Wilkinson (Ordinary Member)
Vice-Presidents (2) Troy Smith (Ordinary Member)
Rebecca Warner (Associate Member)
Honorary Secretary (1) Doug Bergman (Hon. Life Member)
Honorary Treasurer (1) Alex Levchenko (Associate Member)
Executive Officers (8)

Jo Baulch )Ass0ciate Member)
Aarushi Dhingra (Ordinary Member)
Ethan Gunn (Ordinary Member)
Sylvain Hohn (Associate Member)
Andrew MacDonald (Associate Member)
Colin Prince (Associate Member)
Vidura Ratnayake (Ordinary Member)
Peter Sallans (Associate Member)
Nicole Steemson (Ordinary Member)
Ken Thams (Ordinary Member)

Immediate Past President (1)

Hank Szeto (Ordinary Member)

Management Committee 2023-2024