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The UQ Tennis Club's 2020 Tournament Program kicks off with the Sizzling Summer Night Tournament...

IGA Marketplace St Lucia Sponsorship

The UQ Tennis Club is registered as an IGA Marketplace St Lucia Community Beneficiary in IGA's MY IGA Card Program.

Pick up a free My IGA Card next time you are at IGA Marketplace St Lucia (240 Hawken Drive, St Lucia) and, when you register it on-line, select the UQ Tennis Club as the community group you wish to support.

Points, which may be redeemed for dollars at any time throughout the year, are allocated for every transaction when you present your My IGA Card.  When you register on-line, you can choose to donate some or all of your points to one of the listed community groups.

Then, if you have nominated the UQ Tennis Club, every time you shop at IGA Marketplace St Lucia and use your card, you are helping to raise funds for your Club.

Get behind this program and you and your Club can benefit.

N.B. You have to obtain your My IGA Card from IGA Marketplace St Lucia and shop at IGA Marketplace St Lucia for the UQ Tennis Club to benefit.