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2018 Doubles Surprise ChallengeTournament

The Doubles Surprise Challenge Tournament will be played on Sunday morning, 10 June, starting at 9 a.m.

This is a fun tournament aimed at players of all standards.

Although this is a Doubles tournament, players enter as individuals.  Players (all standards, male or female) will be paired initially through a public draw and allocated to numbered courts for the first match.   After each match, the winners move up a court and losers move down a court.  Players then switch partners for the next match.  Gradually, during the morning, the better players will move towards the No. 1 court.

Entrants must be Club members but non-members will be given free Restricted Membership so they can enter.  Entry fees for Restricted Members are higher than for Full Members (ordinary, Associate, Junior & Hon. Life Members).

Entry fees:  $20 (Full Members) or $25 (Restricted Members)

Entries close on Thursday, 31 May. ** Entry deadline extended to Tuesday 5 June **

The entry form can be picked up from the UQ Tennis Clubhouse or downloaded as a PDF file from the Club Website here.

Entries can be lodged on-line through Tennis Australia's Tournaments Website here.