The UQ Tennis Club's 2017 Tournament Program continues with the Super Spring Night Tournament...
Do you want something a bit more challenging than playing the one-set matches used in Fixtures and...

Management Committee 2016-2017

The Club's Management Committee is elected at the Electionsl General Meeting (usually held in late October) and serves for one year.

The current Committee was elected at the Elections General Meeting (EGM) held on 30 October 2016 and will serve until the conclusion of the EGM to be held on 29 October, 2017.

President (1) Hank Szeto (Ordinary Member)
Vice-Presidents (2) Ryan Carson (Ordinary Member)
Judith Rodins (Ordinary Member)
Honorary Secretary (1) Doug Bergman (Hon. Life Member)
Honorary Treasurer (1) Ben Lewis (Ordinary Member)
Executive Officers (10)

Ben Aw-Yeong (Ordinary Member)
Bruce Franke (Associate Member)
Judd Higgins (Ordinary Member)
Michael O'Shea (Hon. Life Member)
Robert Raven (Associate Member)
Peter Sallans (Associate Member)
Ken Thams (Ordinary Member)
Ashley Wilkinson (Ordinary Member)
2 vacancies

Immediate Past President (1)

Danny Moore (Associate Member)

Management Committee 2016-2017