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2019 Super Spring Series #2 - Men's Singles & Ladies' Singles Tournament

Sat, 12/10/2019 - 6:00pm - 11:00pm
Entries close: 
Thu, 10/10/2019 - 11:00pm

Levels:  Events at 4 levels to cater for players of all standards.

Open: Top levele (open to all players)
A Grade: Equiv. to or lower than ITN 5 (approx. BNTA Fixtures Pen. Res., UQTC Fixtures A2, UQTC Social low Red)
B Grade: Equiv. to or lower than ITN 6 (approx. UQTC Fixtures B1, UQTC Social Yellow)
C Grade: Equiv. to or lower than ITN 7 (approx. UQTC Fixtures C1, UQTC Social Green & Blue)

Eligibility: Entry restricted to players who are members of the UQ Tennis Club.  However, non-members will be granted free Restricted Membership of the UQ Tennis Club (which includes free registration with Tennis Queensland) so that everybody can play.  A higher entry fee applies for Restricted Members.

Format: Participation-style tournament (formats used that keep everybody playing irrespective of whether they win or lose).

Entries:  Download entry form below or enter on-line here.  

N.B. Tennis Australia has made its on-line tournament entry system needlessly complicated.  When players go to enter on-line, they are asked to create a Tournament accountr if they don't already have one.  To create a Tournament account, players need their 11-digit Tennis Australia My Tennis Player ID Number.  Unfortunately, although the Tennis Australia on-line tournamentt entry system still requires the 11-digit My Tennis Player ID Number, Tennis Australia has stopped issuing Player ID Numbers automatically for new players being registered through MY Tennis (as it is switching to using player e-mail addresses for identification purposes).  This means that players who do not have a Player ID Number, or don't remember their number, need to contact Tennis Australia via or 1800 752 983 to obtain their number or have a number created for them (info required - name, address, birthdate, e-mail address and a phone number).